Ovarian Cyst Natural Cure

Before delving into the depths of an ovarian cyst natural cure, it is best to discuss the situation further. A woman’s ovaries have a job which is twofold. They are the organs which are responsible for the release of eggs during the monthly fertile cycle, and they also create and release hormones into the woman’s body. Let’s take a closer look at the ovaries, their function in the female body and one of the most common problems connected to the ovaries.

The ovaries produce several hormones which include androgens, estrogen and progesterone. These hormones are essential for the continued health and well being of the female body, which makes the ovaries important for more than just reproduction. Of all the maladies which can afflict ovaries, ovarian cysts are one of the most common problems.

A typical ovarian cyst is made up of a sac which fills with fluid, and can be located in the ovary, or on the outside of the ovary. These sacs can be the result of an egg not being released by the follicle, which then begins to expand creating a follicular cyst. They can also be the result of the egg being released, but the follicle then reseals itself and fills with fluid. These are what is known as luteal cysts.

Follicular cysts may not present with any symptoms, and may be detected only during a routine pelvic exam. Luteal cysts do have symptoms however, which can be characterized as pain and bleeding centered on the time of the ovulation cycles. Treatments for ovarian cysts range from medication to surgery. Some individuals opt to avoid surgery by trying a homeopathic remedy first.

Herbs and natural supplements are the most common ovarian cyst natural cure used today. The herbs and supplements are meant to act as a deterrent, and are said to help alleviate most symptoms of ovarian cysts. As always, it is important to be properly diagnosed by a qualified medical doctor before attempting any treatments of any type.

Typical natural supplements include a good multivitamin coupled with extra supplements to get the needed nutritional boost. These extra supplements are B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin C, Zinc and the two which act as antioxidants, Vitamins A and E.

Herbs which are frequently used to combat cysts are Milk Thistle and Echinacea. Milk Thistle works with the liver as a detoxifying agent, and Echinacea helps to boost the body’s immune system by encouraging the production of an increased amount of white blood cells. These white blood cells are what the body uses to attack and destroy abnormal cells.

When using natural techniques as an ovarian cyst natural cure, it is important that you see a qualified medical practitioner to get the correct diagnoses before starting any type of treatment. It is also vital that you never use any supplements while taking other medications until you have spoken with a qualified professional. While most natural treatments are safe, some interactions may occur if you are on certain types of medications.

Many women have found their ovarian cyst natural cure solution to be preferable over using surgery to deal with their cyst problem. By using all natural techniques, they have been able to eliminate them from their life completely, and so can you!

Ovarian cysts natural cures should be a woman’s first treatment if she has an ovarian cyst. I don’t like to contradict conventional medicine, but as someone who has already has surgery for ovarian cysts, I feel that women should at least be given the option. If you have ever suffered from painful cysts, lost time from work and family or are just tired of being unhealthy, you should learn about natural remedies can help women cure their ovarian cysts before they start.

The Conventional Medicine Gap in Ovarian Cysts Treatment

Fortunately, conventional medicine has benefited society in a way that is priceless. Vaccines have eliminated disease, cancer can be cured and lives are saved every day from conventional medicine. Unfortunately, conventional medicine has left major gaps in some treatments. Ovarian cysts are one of those conditions that have traditionally been left to conventional methods like surgery or medication (like birth control pills). Why doctors never looked at what was causing women to have cysts in the first place is a mystery. That is where holistic treatments come in.

Using Natural Methods to Cure Ovarian Cysts

Holistic medicine treats both the mind and the body in combination, not as if they where separate systems. Additionally, natural methods use the body’s natural healing power to cure itself. For example, by eliminating estrogen rich foods, avoiding processed foods and taking natural hormonal balancing supplements, I was able to cure my ovarian cysts and avoid another surgery.

Although I truly believe that conventional medicine has it’s place, I am also a believer in holistic medicine. Taking some medications only mask the symptoms but offer no cure. On the other hand, alternative medicine takes into account why the problem happened in the first place. That’s was the missing link in my treatment.

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