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Dermoid Ovarian Cyst Is A Warning Sign

Though benign in nature, this bizarre form of ovarian cyst may become dangerous, if left untreated for long. Affecting mostly young women, this condition can create anxiety among them who fear for their fertility because of the peculiar nature of the cyst that contains, among others, sundry fluids, decapitated human skin, hair follicles and even teeth.

The surrounding myths and misconceptions can further lead to depression and trauma in immature minds. This is also the reason why there is a delay in proper treatment, which can further lead to many more complications. Hence, it is essential that one should get familiarized about dermoid ovarian cyst in order to deal with this situation better.

Understanding dermoid ovarian cyst

Clinically termed as mature teratomas, dermoid ovarian cysts are almost revolting to look at, as some of the cysts often resemble minute incomplete unusual human form complete with sweat glands, thyroid tissue, etc. Each dermoid cyst may look diverse, owning to differences in the make up of this cyst. Perhaps it is the knowledge of having this human – like cyst growing in the body that makes women more edgy than thinking about its possible risk factors.

Dermoid cyst is however non cancerous and is usually harmless. Dermoid ovarian cyst may remain in the ovary for prolonged periods of time, as sometimes there are no symptoms for the same. They may come to light during routine medical exam. Sometimes, irregular menstruation can also signal possible case of dermoid ovarian cysts. Many women prefer not to treat dermoid ovarian cyst immediately on account of pure emotional grounds. Nevertheless, they should be monitored closely, as they can rupture and even twist upon themselves, leading to many complications. It is therefore essential to seek treatment, before things get out of hand.

Dermoid ovarian cysts do not affect the fertility of the women, and hence, are considered to be less malicious, as compared to the other types of conditions. Despite this, if one is planning on starting a family, it is essential that one should get the condition treated irrespective of whether it hurts emotional feelings.

Risk factors involving dermoid ovarian cysts

The risks attached to dermoid ovarian cyst depend somewhat to the type and nature of the cyst. The size of the dermoid ovarian cyst also plays a major role in determining the risks involved.. Larger dermoid cysts are more hazardous, as the possible chances of rupture are more prominent in larger dermoid cysts. Dermoid ovarian cysts are considered to be tricky as they may cause the ovary to twist, thereby affecting the blood supply. Though many dermoid ovarian cysts are non cancerous and benign, a few percentages of the cases may also be affected with cancerous cells. This is however a rare possibility and is found only in extreme cases. Dermoid ovarian cysts can be however very painful, even if they are not fatal. Therefore, one requires appropriate form of treatment to not only cure the pain and agony, but also to get rid of them.

Treatment of dermoid ovarian cyst

Dermoid ovarian cysts mostly go unnoticed till they create complications that include irregular menstruation, moderate to severe pain and other problems. Since conventional treatment can neither cure the condition nor provide any relief to the symptoms, surgery seems to be only option left to the patient. But invasive surgery too may not guarantee lifelong cure, as recurrence often brings the same patient to the surgical table once again for a repeat surgery.

The only dependable method of getting rid of dermoid ovarian cysts is in the holistic approach. Apart from eliminating the plausible hazards that always accompany invasive surgery, holistic approach is also far more beneficial as it is a safe and natural method sans any side effects that nips the cysts in the bud, eliminates the root causes of dermoid ovarian cysts thus ensuring total and permanent relief. The holistic approach also allows the patient to keep in control and looks into the emotional wellbeing of the person too.

Holistic remedies work so much better because here the approach is to treat the body as a whole and identify all the contributing factors and then treat them. Conventional remedies on the other hand treat just the symptoms and fail to delve deeper into the subject.

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